History of changes

brainconn 0.0.2 (current)

  • Change structure from single algorithms submodule to separated submodules: centrality, clustering, core, degree, distance, generative, modularity, motifs, physical_connectivity, reference, and similarity.

brainconn 0.0.1

  • Rename fork of BCT to brainconn for further independent development

BCT 0.4.1

  • Refactor code into multiple files
  • Fix bug in efficiency_bin
  • Fix bugs in modularity_louvain_und
  • Fix bugs in participation_coef_b*
  • Add some test cases

BCT 0.4.0

  • Add various new functions from Jan 2015 release of BCT
  • Fix various bugs documented in github issues

BCT 0.3.3

  • Fix small bug in latmio_und_connected causing failure for sparse matrices
  • Add non-networkx dependent algorithm to get_components (but less efficient)
  • Add an implementation of consensus clustering and fix bug in agreement
  • Fix bug causing clustering_coef_bu to always return 0
  • Remembered to update changelog
  • Fix some bugs in modularity_louvain_dir and related
  • Fix bug in NBS and add optional paired-sample test statistic (sviter)

BCT 0.3.2

  • Change several functions including threshold_proportional and binarize have copy=True as default argument
  • Fix bug in threshold_proportional where copying behavior did not work symmetric matrices.
  • Fix minor quirk in threshold_proportional where np.round rounds to nearest even number (optimizes floating point) which is discrepant with BCT
  • Add a test suite with some functions
  • Fix typo in rich_club_bu
  • Refactor x[range(n),range(n)] to np.fill_diagonal
  • Fix off-by-one bug in moduality_[prob/fine]tune_und_sign

BCT 0.3.1

  • Fix bug in NBS
  • Fix series of bugs in null_models

BCT 0.3

  • Added NBS
  • Added in all of the new functions from the Dec 2013 release of BCT
  • Fixed numerous bugs having to do with indexing errors in modularity
  • Fixed several odd bugs with clustering_coef, efficiency, distance
  • For the next release, I clearly need a real test suite.